National Diabetes and Obesity Research Center at Tradition

The National Diabetes and Obesity Research Center at Tradition is committed to successfully addressing two of America’s most pressing health care crises–diabetes and obesity–through research, education, treatment and prevention. The center and its programs are being developed in conjunction with strategic partners including educational institutions such as William Carey University and Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College, local and national health care centers, as well as state and federal government agencies critical to NDORC’s success.

The visionaries behind the development of the center have made it their mission to create the best diabetes and obesity research center in the United States to not only cure one of Mississippi’s most prevalent health issues, but to solve the problem on national and international levels. Through groundbreaking research and technological developments and the open sharing of information, these goals are achievable.

You are invited to watch us work!

  • Create the Nation’s BEST Diabetes/Obesity Research Center
  • Reduce Diabetes; Research, Education, Treatment and Prevention
  • Make Healthcare an Economic Driver

Board of Directors:

  • Dr. Mary Graham, Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College – Chair
  • Dr. Tommy King, President, William Carey University
  • Joseph C. Canizaro, Columbus Communities, LLC – Tradition
  • Dr. Blake Elkins, MD
  • Mrs. Karen Sock, President, Sock Enterprises
  • Chairman: Dr. Peter Fos
  • Program Coordinator: Deborah Colby, M.Ed., RD, LD, CDE
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